brunoBruno Bosardi

Pilates Gyrotonics Instructor/Owner

Bruno has been teaching Pilates for over 25 years. He has owned the Body Alchemist in Hillcrest for 20 years. He has an extensive background in dance and fitness and a love for health and wellness. Bruno is not only a certified Pilates Instructor through the Pilates Institute of New Mexico, he is also a certified Gyrotonics instructor who has taught everything from swimming lessons to aerobics to “Boot Camp.”

Being a former dancer, Bruno understands the possible injuries caused from such physical dedication. He found Pilates as a solution to his injuries and wanted to share that experience with others.

In Pilates and Gyrotonics Bruno believes a very few well executed exercises produce better results than many poorly executed ones. Bruno keeps it fun and interesting without sacrificing the techniques because that is what really matters.

Throughout his experiences with physical activities, Gymnastics, Dance, Swimming and various sports, he has learned what to do when injuries happen and has been helping clients find a way back to living healthy active lives for nearly 3 decades. His dedication to his craft and a love for his clients has led to many stories of success.


claireClaire Torres

Pilates Instructor

My Philosophy

My Philosophy when teaching is not only to focus on one area of the body, but to look at the body as a whole. When teaching a client I like to stress the importance of good posture, alignment and proper breathing, and lengthening while doing an exercise. My background as a dancer has helped me teach my clients more about their own body awareness. I am passionate that Pilates can benefit any body type and is great for all ages. I have seen tremendous growth in my clients after just a few weeks of training.

My Passion

Before becoming a certified Pilates instructor with the Body Alchemist, I was a professional ballerina for several years with the Richmond Ballet of Virginia. I first discovered Pilates during my dance career after suffering a serious foot injury. I found that doing Pilates not only strengthened my injured foot after undergoing surgery but also improved my core strength, alignment, and posture. All very important conditions for a ballerina. Pilates helped me get back on my toes quicker then just doing physical therapy alone.

My Experience

Besides teaching at The Body Alchemist, for the past several years I have been a ballet instructor at the San Diego Ballet. I have spent 16 years teaching a wide range of ages and levels of ballet. I like to incorporate my Pilates training by teaching my students the importance of using their core strength and focusing on correct alignment and breathing.