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GYROTONIC (also known as the Gyrotonic Expansion System or GXS) is an exercise system created by Juliu Horvath, an ethnic Hungarian born in Romania.GYROTONIC exercises employ movements found in swimming, yoga, gymnastics, and tai chi, using specialized machines developed by Horvath. The system is intended to improve flexibility and balance as well as muscle strength, and to increase overall flexibility and mobility in joints.

Fitness buffs getting bored with StairMaster are discovering a new twist in exercise machines, the Gyrotonic Expansion System (GXS). Popular in Europe and used in some 150 exercises and dance studios in the U.S., the machine looks like a cross between a postmodern sculpture and a medieval torture rack. There are two parts—a 7-ft. pulley tower with leather straps for hands and feet and a movable bench with two rotating disks attached to its edge. Together they work in synch to stretch, strengthen and increase range of motion. Instead of linear back-and-forth movements; GXS offers more than a hundred variations, most of them circular and three-dimensional.